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members of the Rothesay Netherwood School Girls' Choir


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Beginning Voice Basics Vocal Theory Workbook Series

  • North America's first voice specific theory method for singers, choir members......anyone who has always wanted to read music, but struggled with ordinary 'keyboard theory' books.  Teach and learn music theory in a way appropriate for and meaningful to, singers!

  • Synonymous with the Beginning Band Basics instrumental theory series, together these innovative workbooks create a completely unified and correlated theory program perfect for any school or conservatory.  Very relevant for adult learners, choir members and private students as well!

  • Beautifully created in colour to help focus students' attention, each workbook contains thorough exercises in notation, rhythm, voice fundamentals, musical terms, music history, composers, Solfege (Book 3 and Combined Edition) and much more! BONUS! original solo with accompaniment in Book 1 (same solo in the Combined Edition).

  • Separate workbooks for Treble Voices (includes soprano, alto and boys unchanged voices), Tenor and Bass/Baritone.  The perfect resource for busy teachers and bored students!

  • Formats available:  Music theory workbook for voice students

    Book 1 44 pages with concert solo $8.95  CAD $7.25  USD
    Book 2 44 pages $8.95  CAD $7.25 USD
    Book 3 64 pages $12.95 CAD $11.50 USD
    Combined Edition 148 pages with concert solo $27.95 CAD $25.00USD
    Teachers Manual 300 pages $45.00 CAD $38.00 USD

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